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Access Equipment Corp is not the manufacturer. We are a dealer for used Spinalator tables and new IST tables. We do not own nor do we manufacture Spinalator or other brand IST tables.

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Spinalator Table Parts

Spinalator and Ist Table Parts

Here you will find Most of the Parts needed to repair your Spinalator Table! WE also have parts for the other IST table brands. ATT 300 Table Parts, Quantum IST table Parts, Spinalign IST Table Parts, Chirowave IST Table Parts, Arthotonic Stabilizer Table Parts, Hill Anatomotor Parts, and Legacy Ist Table Parts

Spinalator Table Timers

We carry Spinalator table timers in stock. All of our used Spinalator tables come with NEW Spinalator timers. A Spinalator timer is a DIY installation in most cases. If you need help installing your Spinalator timer, we can help. Replace your worn out Spinalator timer today with our new Spinalator timers.



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